Hiring a genealogist is not an expensive endeavor when you consider the years of training and experience that go into becoming proficient at finding and interpreting the information of the past. Typical documents include census, birth, death, burial, baptismal, wills, probate records, passports, naturalization, travel, military, newspaper articles, political, religious, land and tax records. Sometimes photos and family stories are found. The genealogy search can be extensive based on your needs.

Fees vary depending on the depth and type of genealogy research that is requested. All work is done on an hourly basis and is negotiated at the time of the work plan completion. Please be aware that obtaining primary and certified documents can be time consuming and costly. Additional billable out-of-pocket expenses may include:

  • Travel and lodging expenses - costs of travel and local transportation will be billed but not travel time
  • Physical document acquisition expenses (i.e. birth, death, marriage certificates, probate records, divorce records, etc.)
  • Scanned images or photos from site investigations
  • Tolls, and parking fees
  • Postage Photocopies - These expenses are charged at actual cost.
  • Mileage is charged at the Federal Mileage Rate.
  • Hard copies of charts and ancestry reports and books are charged separately

New Clients: Analysis and organization of your existing family information, client interview time and development of a project work plan is done at no charge. Upon acceptance of the work plan, please be aware that a retainer of 50% of the total amount authorized is required of new clients prior to beginning any work project. An invoice for the remaining balance (including research, fees and expenses) will be sent once the project plan is completed (or authorized amount met). Your research report and documentation will be sent to you upon receipt of final payment-in-full. For your ease of mind, any large anticipated expense (i.e. air travel/hotel/rental car) will be authorized by you, in writing, prior to the actual travel. There is no guarantee  that your objective can be met or certain records found.  This due to the fact that some things were never recorded, some were lost or destroyed and some are not available due to legal restrictions.

Why would you consider hiring me as your genealogy researcher? Yes, you can do your own research via one of the pay by fee major genealogical databases but each have their limitations. Not everything you need to trace your family will be found there.  Some records will only be found in microfilm or hard copy.  Genealogical research is like solving a mystery, as the researcher looks for clues, finds historical evidence, and traces the movements of a family. Will Rogers once said that "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." I have over 29 years of experience in genealogical research as well as classroom training. I spend time searching historical as well as genealogical records. There are many examples of people who spent years following a family back to find out that their seven years of work was following the wrong family line. My years of experience have taught me how to avoid these errors. I use the Genealogical Proof Standard method to determine kinship. I also follow the Society of Genealogists Standards and Good Practice in Genealogy.

Genealogical Research