Genealogical Research

Experience: I have been researching my family tree for over 29 years. My genealogy research can now trace our family back before the Norman Conquest (1066 A.D.). I have extensive experience with a multitude of ancestry sites and historical websites.  I have traveled extensively around the U.S., Canada, and England in search of ancestors. I have wandered many cemeteries to dig up ancestors (not literally of course). 

Genealogical Contributor:


Genealogical Lecturer:

  • "They Came by Sail and Steam" (immigration)
  • "Genealogical Research in the United Kingdom"
  • "Beginning Your Family Genealogy"
  • "Orphan Train"
  • "Scottish Ancestry Beyond the Clans" 
  • "Scotch-Irish Research" 
  • "New Ireland: Northfield Township, Michigan's Irish Pioneers and Early Settler Burials
  • "Connecting the Dots on Your Family Map" (in production)

Organizational Member:

  • Association of Professional Genealogists (USA)
  • Society of Genealogists (England)
  • Oakland County Genealogical Society - V.P. 2013-2017
  • Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Board Member 2014-2017
  • Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan
  • Welsh-American Genealogical Society
  • Orange County Genealogical Society (NY) 
  • The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
  • Orkney Family History Society (Scotland)
  • St Andrew's Society of Detroit (Chief Genealogist)
  • Western Pennsylvania Genealogcal Society
  • Northamptonshire Family History Society
  • Washtenaw County Genealogical Society
  • Ontario Genealogical Society


  • Michigan Genealogical Council
  • Federation of Genealogical Societies

Genealogist Group Memberships

  • Genealogical and Historical Research Group
  • Genealogy Guild


  • B.S. in Management, Oakland University 1980
  • Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh 2013-2017

Derek Blount, Genealogist

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