Warning! Most families have a black sheep or a skeleton in the ancestral closet. You may find a ancestor hanging by their neck from the family tree. There may be mistresses, slave owners, or slaves in your past. Your search may lead you to dark places you did not know existed. You may find your third cousin twice removed was removed to a mental hospital. All of this can help you to understand the diversity and richness of your family and may answer family story questions. It should be embraced and cherished as part of your family history. Also understand that many records were lost or never created due to the period of time or some natural or manmade disaster.

Specialized Areas of Research:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • British Commonwealth

Imagine holding a copy of the land grant to an ancestors new piece of land, his signature on the Constitution, holding political office, taking an oath of citizenship, marrying your great-grandmother, having a new daughter to be baptized, joining the military, becoming a minister, or signing their last will and testament. You may have links to French, Spanish, Native, infamous or famous Americans. The ancestors of many Americans have never been researched or documented. A search to find who your ancestors were, where they came from, how they made their living, and where they lived is a time-consuming and often difficult task. I can help you find your ancestry with me as your genealogy researcher.

Lost Branchesis about finding lost ancestors, lost family branches or connecting your branch to an existing tree. Whether you are just beginning or have an established tree with a brick wall problem, I can help.

Genealogical Research

I can do a full a genealogy search of available records for you.  I can attempt to find actual documents for you (if they exist). I am experienced in interpreting the information and clues contained in them. I do a lot of work for Ancestry.com in correcting records. That work involves reading poor handwriting, faded copies, misspellings and transcription errors. Understanding land records and economics of the period are essential to knowing where the family lived and why they moved.  Genealogy research is not always easy and can take time.